Singapore couple get married in crazy Liverpool-themed wedding

You could imagine the likes of Premier League chief Richard Scudamore and Liverpool owners John Henry and Tom Werner watching the video below, getting giddy with excitement and in cartoon world dollar bills would appear in their eyes.

If ever you wanted visual proof of just how big the Premier League is in Asia and how committed some supporters are, this is it.

It only seems fair to allow Mrs Han, the bride, to explain their story as they have written on their YouTube video, which is beginning to gain traction in England.

“We are Liverpool fans living in singapore some 6823.5 Miles from the city of Liverpool. In late 2001, thought our support for our beloved team, we met each other @ Official Liverpool FC Fanclub Singapore Branch. What follow was a courtship unlike other couples. Our dates were watching Liverpool FC together every weekend. Everywhere we go, we were dressed up in idential LFC tops…

“When we finally decide to take the path to marriage, our wedding had to be LIVERPOOL FC-inspire theme. Our friends would come in their soccer jerseys. This clip shows our first march in which was very unique as we walk in with the theme song – “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. A song that symoblises our baby steps in courtship to being husband and wife…

“We hope by sharing this video here, 1) Shows that it possible to meet your other half @ a soccer game screening. 2) It makes your dates more fun as you talk about Liverpool and buy Liverpool !! 3) We hope that by sharting this video, John W. Henry and others in Liverpool FC would feel the love of the club from the fans in SINGAPORE and ASIA as a whole. Hope whoever see this video, please share with your fellow Liverpool fans. YNWA”

The crazy Singapore couple’s Liverpool wedding can be seen here.