Siena fans’ song leaves Roma’s Daniele De Rossi in tears (video)

While the British media have been chewing over Emmanuel Adebayor’s behaviour towards the Arsenal fans at Eastlands on Saturday, over in Italy Roma’s Daniele De Rossi had his own confrontation with the Siena faithful on Sunday as the taunts of the home crowd left the Azzurri midfielder in tears at full time.

In particularly bad taste, Siena fans were reported to have continually chanted a demeaning song about De Rossi’s father-in-law who was murdered in a gangland shooting this time last year.

At the final whistle it was plainly obvious how hurtful the song had been to De Rossi, as the Roma midfielder uncontrollably began to well up, even to the extent that the midfielder felt the need to cover his face with his own shirt and he looked to shield his tearful eyes away from the cameras.

Siena coach Marco Giampaolo has since apologised to De Rossi for the treatment he suffered. “To De Rossi, I express my solidarity as a man and as a footballer for what has happened.”

Footage of De Rossi in tears can be seen here.