Sickening scenes: Referee brutally attacked and chased off field in amateur Saudi Arabian league

This is just disgusting.

In the week when a young Spanish referee lost his spleen after being viscously beaten by a player from Mislata UF, comes this footage from amateur football in Saudi Arabia.

Unlike the recent incidents in Spain (and of course Holland) however, this footage is truly sickening for its mob mentality: a whole team loses is senses and chases the referee like wild animals.

The ref (seems to have) managed to escape to his dressing room without major injury, but not before a lot of cowardly kicks and punches were landed on him, not to mention missiles from the crowd; while a group of adults simply stood idly by watching, doing nothing to calm the situation.

Watch how a crazed bunch of amateur Saudi footballers descend into brutality and attack an innocent ref on the clip below.

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