Sick Story: Two Russian teen girls decapitated a homeless man, played football with his head

Two Russian teenagers have been arrested in Moscow after cutting the head off a homeless man before using the severed head as a football.

According to reports, the two unnamed teen girls used an ax, a saw and knives to decapitate a homeless man “because they didn’t like the look of him.”

Having committed the brutal murder, the duo upped the stomach-churning levels on the psychopath ladder by using the victims head as a football as they mucked about in a street in the east of the Russian capital. The murderers eventually disposed of the head by kicking into a rubbish bin, whilst they left the lifeless corpse on the road.

The pair were apprehended when police followed a trail of blood to their apartment, where officers are said to have found the murder weapons in the blood-soaked flat.

The tabloid Komsomolskaya Pravda reported that the two suspects had been drinking, while three bystanders witnessed the evil events.

The search continues for the victim’s head, which was taken away by a garbage truck in the morning, preventing the man’s identification.

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