Sick! A Köln under-9 player pulls off two Zidane turns to beat three Bayer Leverkusen opponents before scoring

A 9-year-old kid who plays for Köln scored one of the most skillful goals of the season last weekend against Bayer Leverkusen.

Bayer Leverkusen lost possession in their defence after trying to work a passing game in order to move the ball upfield, at which point Köln’s number 11 sprung into action.

In a terrific piece of twinkle-toes magic, the Köln forward Zidane-turned his away inbetween two Bayer Leverkusen players in order to break into the box, and then he pulled off another Zidane spin to evade the challenge from the covering centre-half.

Once free, the youngster then thumped a shot through another two Bayer Leverkusen players which beat the keeper into the corner.

Watch the amazing goal from German youth football below.