Showboating Jorge Valdivia gets smacked-down by Anderson (Palmeiras – Santo Andre)

This is what happens when you take the piss out of professional footballers.

The latest round of the Brazilian cup played out on Thursday night, and Palmeiras edged Santo Andre 1-nil to advance into the next round. It wasn’t all smiles for the home team though, as schemer Jorge Valdivia got the Nigel de Jong treatment after going a little too far with his showboating.

With the match approaching it’s final stages, the Chilean playmaker picked up the ball near the corner flag. Once in possession, not once, not twice, but three times Valdivia pretended to thrash the ball into the danger area, only for the footballer to fake his cross as he looked to embarrass his opponents.

Minutes later Valdivia got his comeuppance.

As the Palmeiras number ten received another pass close to the touchline, Santo Andre defender Anderson came storming into the frame. Brutally he whipped both Valdivia’s legs from under him in a blatant act of revenge, receiving a yellow card for his troubles.

Watch Jorge Valdivia’s showboating and smack-down.