Jose’s Gripe: Should Mats Hummels have been sent off for a handball against Real Madrid?

“I am very disappointed with one of my favourite ­referees in the world. It’s a red card for Mats Hummels. He saw it. In that moment he was not a referee, he was a human being. He thought ‘if I give a red card to Mats Hummels, he will miss the final.'” – Jose Mourinho.

Jose had a point.

Mats Hummels, Borussia Dortmund’s classy centre-half who has been strongly linked with a move to Barcelona this summer, was singled out by the Special One for getting away with a dismissal in the Champions League semifinal, second leg on Tuesday night.

With Real Madrid on the attack and desperate for goals with the match still goalless, Hummels blocked a Cristiano Ronaldo slide-pass with his trailing hand.

Without question, Hummels, who was defending on the edge of the Dortmund box, handled the ball. In doing so he stopped a goalscoring opportunity for Madrid. And referee Howard Webb had a perfect position to watch the incident unfold. So the result? Nada. Bupkis.

There is also a swings and roundabouts angle to the Hummels incident.

While Real were upset about the German’s non-dismissal, the Spaniards also benefitted from a non-dismissal of their own after Sergio Ramos’ constant fouling on Robert Lewandowski throughout the match.

Footage of Mats Hummels’ handball against Real Madrid can be seen below.