Poll: Should Lewandowski (Dortmund) have been sent off for elbowing Koscielny (Arsenal) in the face?

“I think it’s harsh. We gave the ball away, and we know they are good on the counter attack. We kept them very quiet. I haven’t seen the Lewandowski incident, but there’s nothing we can do now.” – Mikel Arteta.

Arsenal incurred their first loss in this season’s Champions League losing 2-1 at home to Borussia Dortmund on Tuesday night, and Robert Lewandowski bagged the winner for the Germans. But should the Polish striker have still been on the pitch?

Midday through the second half, Lewandowski caught Koscielny with an elbow square in the chin.

Whilst it was difficult to know whether the Dortmund forward hit the Arsenal defender on purpose, the elbow didn’t look entirely accidental either. As a result, Lewandowski escaped with just a booking, but many Gunners supporters believe the incident deserved a red.

As for Koscielny, the defender had a perfect distribution night against the Germans completing 65 out of 65 passes.

So, should Lewandowski have been sent off for elbowing Koscielny? Leave your vote in the poll below.

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