Should Arsenal fans do the “Poznan” during Manchester United’s guard of honour?

Belief is growing that Arsenal will give new Premier League champions Manchester United a guard of honour when the two sides meet on Sunday afternoon in a tasty Premier League clash.

Whilst United are simply playing to increase their points total, Arsenal will be battling for the win to boost their chances of a Champions League spot and could be in fifth place by kick off with Spurs and Chelsea playing before the Gunners.

The guard of honour has been debated over the last few days and there appears to be a groundswell of support among a section of Arsenal fans to voice a protest with a “Poznan.”

By imitating the Manchester City celebration, Arsenal supporters will be able to turn their back on Manchester United and of course former star striker Robin van Persie.

This issue has been simmering for a couple of days but looks set to come into focus with some suggesting United should in fact give Arsenal a guard of honour for selling Robin van Persie to a Premier League rival.

Whilst others have joked that it is fitting Arsenal will take on Manchester City’s celebration as they are considered a “feeder club” for Roberto Mancini’s side.

This wouldn’t be the first time that Arsenal fans have rolled out the Poznan at the Emirates, in April last year it was used to mock Manchester City during a 1-0 defeat that looked to have derailed their title chances.

Should Arsenal fans do a Poznan during the guard of honour on Sunday? Leave your thoughts below.