Should a ‘keeper really be always sent off for accidentally handling outside the box?

Austrian U21 keepers are on a strange run of bad luck.

Having had a keeper sent off for handling outside the box last week, the same odd fate befell Richard Strebinger in Austria’s 4-0 defeat to England on Monday night.

Rushing out to claim a ball over the top, his momentum carried Strebinger beyond the perimeter of his box once he’d gathered the ball.

Realising he was sliding out of the area, he then instantly let go of the ball and kicked it clear.

The actual contact made with the ball outside the area was minimal  (if at all?), which made the unequivocal red card from the ref all the harsher.

By the letter of the law, the correct decision was made, but can there not be some room for judgement in these situations?

Where such an effort is made as by Strebinger to instantly release the ball, surely a yellow can suffice?

It seems an excessively harsh punishment for such a slight indiscretion, when you compare it with what is required to be directly sent off anywhere else on the pitch.

Watch Austrian U21 keeper Richard Strebinger’s extremely harsh sending off v England U21s for an accidental hand ball, on the clip below.

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