Shopping in Chelsea? Leo Messi visits London, hangs out with Cesc Fabregas

Lionel Messi has taken a short break to London, to catch up with his good friend and former Barcelona teammate Cesc Fabregas.

With Barcelona having had a rather busy schedule of late, what with their Champions League and Copa del Rey demands, manager Luis Enrique has decided to give the team two days off, which Messi has decided to spend in England’s capital.

Messi’s been pictured out eating lunch with Cesc at Harrod’s, and they’ve also been joined by former Barcelona man Deco for company.

Deco and Messi won the 2006 Champions League together, while Deco had already left for Brazil before Fabregas arrived.

Messi’s decision to take a city break to London has seemingly re-sparked the Chelsea rumours in the Spanish press, which is quite daft really, considering Messi and Cesc’s girlfriends are also very close friends, and for the fact that Messi would hardly be so unsubtle about things if discussing a move to Chelsea really was his motive.

He could have course went shopping round Chelsea, the affluent area of west-London where the Blues are based.

Cesc and Messi came through the ranks at Barcelona, and having forged a strong bond at La Masia, they’ve remained close friends ever since.

(Via Sport)