Paderborn’s Nick Proschwitz showed his tackle to a female club employee in Turkey, player expelled [Bild]

A mad story has focused attention in German today concerning Paderborn’s 29-year-old striker Nick Proschwitz.

Proschwitz has previously spent time in England playing for Hull, Barnsley and Coventry.

The German attacker seems destined to be in search of a new club, after he did something incredibly stupid on a club trip to Turkey over the weekend.

According to a report first printed in Bild, Proschwitz pulled down his trousers in Turkey on Saturday night to flash his privates at a female employee.

Proschwitz was reportedly exposed for 20 seconds.

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The striker was also claimed to be drunk at the time.

The incident happened shortly after midnight in the team’s five-star hotel.

Proschwitz has since been expelled from the camp, while it seems that his future at the club is over. Paderborn president Wilfried Finke has said:

Nick Proschwitz doesn’t belong to our squad anymore. I looked into the issue and have taken the necessary action.

A player who reveals himself in front of a woman in a foreign country will not be tolerated by us.

Proschwitz has tried to defend himself saying:

I didn’t have any underpants on under my jogging trousers. One of the lads pulled my trousers down – but that was only for a second or so.

As for the unannmed female employee, she has also defended the footballer:

At no point was I sexually harassed.

The only thing that has harassed me is the false media reports.

We barely noticed the fact that a player came into the room, pulled his trousers down and then immediately left.

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