Shocking! Levski Sofia Ultras storm Ivaylo Petev’s unveiling press conference, force him to remove club top and kick him out

Ultra power is alive and well in Bulgarian football.

A group of meat-head Levski Sofia Ultras stormed new manager’s Ivaylo Petev’s press conference today, surrounding him before forcing him to remove the club top and then physically escorting him from the premises.

The club were unveiling Petev after sacking Serbian Slavisa Jokanovic earlier on Tuesday following a poor start to the new season.

The reason behind the Ultras beef is their belief that he is actually a supporter of city rivals CSKA Sofia, and as such is not welcome at the club.

Just as Petev’s unveiling appeared to be going smoothly, the hooded group gatecrashed the press conference and approached the table, telling Petev:

You’re not welcome here. Get up, undress the shirt and go. Levski will not play under you as coach.

With such a climate of tension, it was truly shocking that no security was present, as things could have really turned ugly; worse still perhaps were the journalists and cameramen who lapped it up and did nothing to protect Petev.

Petev was unharmed but will obviously have been left shaken by the shock.

In the aftermath, Levski owner Todor Batkov called the incident a “disgrace”.

“It’a stain on our club, this is unprecedented… But we stand behind our decision – Ivaylo Petev is the new coach of Levski, he defiantly insisted.

Watch the shocking scene unfold on the clip below.

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