Shocking footage of Spanish police attacking Manchester City fans appears on YouTube

YouTuber and blogger David Dubas-Fisher has published shocking footage on Monday of Manchester City fans getting attacked by Spanish police in the afternoon before last week’s Champions League match with Real Madrid.

Dubas-Fisher provided an excellent, dramatic description of the violence on his blog.

Blood was pouring from heads, and men laid out unconscious in the streets… What started off as a peaceful drinking session outside the Estadio Santiago Bernebeu in Madrid turned into a scene of bloody violence as Manchester City fans clashed with the Spanish Police.

Without provocation Police then began to hit fans around the back of the thighs and buttocks with truncheons in a move to force them to get away. Not being used to these heavy-handed tactics, City fans began to protest the Police´s actions, which only caused the police to turn more aggressive, beating fans around the head, knocking them to the floor.

Having watched the video closely, it should be pointed out that Dubas-Fisher’s comment on a lack of provocations isn’t 100% true.

Without the benefit of seeing any of the footage before the camera started rolling one has to take the blogger at his word, however eight seconds into the footage a City supporter can be clearly seen to hurl beer liquid at a Spanish copper (see the underneath picture). That said, the response of the police was hugely disproportional.

Nitpicking aside, this terrible episode of violence against Manchester City fans has been widely ignored in the mass media, and it shines a light on some of the uglier aspects of how football fans can get treated in Spain.

Watch the shocking footage below, while after the fold are a series of the most powerful images from the clash.

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