Shocking clashes between Kavala & Aris fans ruin Greek semi-final (video)

Yet more scenes of football violence were witnessed in Greece this week as the beautiful game was dragged through the gutter once again.

The backdrop for full-on brawl was the Greek semi-final between Kavala and Aris on Thursday night. Aris held Kavala to a 1-1 draw to win 4-2 on aggregate and advance to the final, but that was only the sideshow after both sets of supporters clashed with each other and police both inside and outside the ground.

The violence inside the ground was unbelievable. With no fencing penning the fans in, the supporters climbed onto the field even before kick off got underway and, with broken chairs, missiles, and even the corner flags used as weapons, thugs from both sides began brutally laying into each other.

For their part, the police looked totally outnumbered as the fights broke out everywhere, and the guardians of the peace were seen randomly attacking fans as hoodies flew past them in every direction.

Almost amazingly, locals news claimed that only four people were reported injured and eight arrested after clashes.

Footage of the shocking violence can be seen here.