SHOCKING: An U14 Portuguese player punches an opponent to the floor, kicks victim when he’s down

14-year-old Portuguese footballer Sergio Segão is currently public enemy #1 in his homeland after a video of the teenager assaulting an opponent on the football field was recorded and spread around on social networks.

The video was taken last weekend in the match between Fabril Barreiro and Paio Pires.

Segão, playing for visitors Paio, was sent off for a horrific attack on João Ponte in which Segão first knocked out his opponent with a punch to his face, and after his victim was grounded he disgracefully kicked him in the back.

Now humiliated in public for his actions, Segão has been crying for forgiveness.

I lost my head, I apologise and I hope they allow me to continue playing.

I have a hot head. The Fabril Barreiro player insulted me. When I was sent off I lost my head. I apologise to my colleagues from Fabril Barreiro, to their parents and to my team. I had a very bad day at school.

See the awful footage below.