Shocking! A referee and his assistant get beaten to a pulp during a Chilean amateur match

Just weeks after a referee was murdered during an amateur youth match in Holland, depressing video has emerged from a Chilean amateur match in which another referee and his assistant were badly beaten.

The disturbing images occurred last weekend in an amateur final in Melipilla between Baquedano and Pablo Lizama.

According to local reports, the match was repeatedly stopped before the final, brutal assault took place, with rival fans continuously running onto pitch amid a series of horror challenges. Eventually the referee decided to call the match off, and that’s when fans and players from Pablo Lizama attacked the officials.

The real trouble began when fans harassed a linesman on the sidelines, and moments later the Pablo Lizama number 7 laid the referee out with a kung-fu kick.

Once on the floor, a gang of supporters and player set upon the middle-aged official, and distressingly the referee was picture barely conscious at the end of the beating.

The linesman was also badly beaten, losing several teeth in the attack.

Footage of the disgraceful assault can be seen below.

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