Shocker! Marco Verratti (PSG) tries to avoid hand ball booking by clutching his face v Olympiakos [GIF]

It was very much a night to forget for Italian playmaker Marco Verratti on Wednesday.

PSG may have beaten Olympiakos 2-1 but Verratti was sent off for two bookable offences and the first yellow card reflects very badly on the young midfielder.

Verratti stuck his hand out to block a pass in the middle of the park – which was surely an error as the worst that could have happened is Olympiakos would have advanced a little further up the pitch.

Once the ball hit his arm, Verratti tries to con referee Craig Thomson with some ridiculous simulation of clutching his face.

Poor form! And you fear this GIF will go viral to prove just how footballers cheat and con officials…

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