Shocker! Glenn Howes’ (Poole Town) career maybe over after a terrible tackle in the non-league

We wish Poole Town midfielder Glenn Howes all the best.

A horrible, horrible tackle was recorded on camera last weekend in the non-league as Glenn Howes was taken out by a terrible challenge from Merthyr Town’s Nathan Davies.

Davies was served with an immediate red card after he scythed down Howes with a nasty collision that left Poole player with cartilage and ligament injuries.

Poole boss Tom Killick called Davies’ tackle “extremely reckless and unnecessary,” and after watching the footage it is hard to disagree.

Yet Davies has received a limited defence from Merthyr chairman Meurig Price

The tackle was a foul and it was a sending off. But it wasn’t as bad as it looked. Nathan said it was a clash of shins. He said he didn’t go in with his studs showing. Nathan is not that kind of player and would never go into a tackle to hurt another player.

Watch the shocking challenge on Glenn Howes below.