Shocker! Another contender for miss of the season!!! (Czarni Wróblewo v Pogoń Lwówek)

Last Sunday, we brought to you what we believed to be the miss of the season.

Watch: Miss of the Season: Beerschot’s Nicoletta den Ridder epic FAIL v Ajax.

Previously, we had labelled Mladen Petric v Chelsea as the miss of the Premier League season.

Today though, another video has come to our attention and it is a true shocker.

From a Polish amateur game in the Wielkopolskiej league, at the end of April, this shocking FAIL is captured perfectly by the watching fans in sparkling HD.

Details are somewhat sketchy, here is what we do know: The Czarni Wróblewo forwards rush through, with the score at 1-1 in the 88th minute, somehow onside, three attackers against a goalkeeper, they can’t possibly screw this up….

Oh dear!