‘Shitty Hire’ Chicago Fire Director of Comm addresses fans in odd editorial, gets trolled even worse

Talk about an epic backfire!

Six difficult months into the job, Director of Communications of MLS club Dan Lobring has written an open letter to the ‘Fire Family’ to air his feelings on what he feels is unjustified criticism, and to refute the suggestions that he was a ‘shitty hire’.

The letter was well intentioned, but with sentences like ”I don’t pretend to know everything there is to know about soccer, the Fire or MLS”, the result was self-sabotage, as he came across as whining, and, essentially, said nothing very constructive apart from show he’s a bit thin-skinned. Crocodile tears, essentially.

He also admits daftly to being a diehard fan of the NFL team the Detroit Lions, which has caused Fire fans to question what a guy who knows little or nothing about soccer is doing working for the club.

The backlash has been a little over the top though; the poor guy is still fending trolls off on Twitter, and is probably regretting his ill-advised letter.

Read the full mind-boggling, cringeworthy self-sabotaging letter here