Sour Celebrations: Queiroz’s up-yours to the Korean bench, Iran goalie punched in the face

Yesterday we reported on the amazing war of words between Iran coach Carlos Queiroz and his South Korean counterpart Choi Kang-hee before the nation’s World Cup qualifier in Seoul on Tuesday.

In the end both Iran and South Korea qualified for the 2014 World Cup after the Iranians secured a 1-nil win away from home, but the scenes at the end of the match were deplorable.

After coach Choi earlier told reporters “Coach Queiroz will be watching the Brazil World Cup on TV,” the former Manchester United employee lost his cool with an aggressive celebrations after the fulltime whistle blew.

Having done his job, Queiroz leapt out of his seat and delivered a “up-yours” sign to the South Korean bench. It was totally undignified, and the coaches never shook hands after match.

The South Koreans also covered themselves in shame after the match, as a couple of coaches punched the Iranian goalie when the keeper ran towards them in a goading fashion after the match.

Watch footage of Carlos Queiroz’s up-yours sign, and video of the Iranian goalie getting socked in the mouth below.