Sevilla’s Alberto Moreno declines to discuss Liverpool, only focusing on Super Cup v Real Madrid [Video]

Several serious Spanish media outlets yesterday reported that Sevilla full-back Alberto Moreno had agreed a 5 year deal with Liverpool, to the tune of 22 million euros.

Asked about the agreement at a Danone press conference today, the full-back plead the Fifth, and declined to discuss any move, avoiding even mentioning the word ‘Liverpool’.

Moreno said his only focus is on the Super Cup against Real Madrid, which Sevilla will play in August having won the Europa League.

Asked about whether Rakitic would also be playing that game, Moreno said: ‘Hopefully. He’s a top player and person.’

Moreno emphasized the importance of winning a second title, which would make a great year even better, in an attempt to dampen the hype around his very probable move to Merseyside.

It’s worth noting that Moreno could easily play the Super Cup and still move to Liverpool without any issue, so this doesn’t really change anything, other than that the parties may decide to delay the transaction so that Moreno can play against Madrid.

Video below (in Spanish).