Sergio Ramos spins Di Maria’s balls-grab as a homage to Michael Jackson’s signature move [Picture]

So it’s a game of interpretations…

A frisky exchanged played out between Real Madrid’s fans and midfielder Angel Di Maria on Monday night at the Santiago Bernabeu.

Di Maria was booed and jeered throughout the game against Celta Vigo, and when the Argentine’s number finally came up to be taken off, the player noticeably grabbed his manhood in his final act on the field.

Many took Di Maria’s gesture as an F.U. in the direction of the Madridistas, however Sergio Ramos had a different explanation. Ramos tweeted out a picture next to Michael Jackson pulling off his signature balls-grabbing dance move in an obvious reference to Di Maria’s gesture, in an attempt to switch the narrative of the incident.

For what it’s worth, Di Maria has tried to pacify the situation also saying:

There was nothing towards anyone. I was adjusting myself and I kept running. If I was angry I would not have shook hands with anyone. I left the pitch totally naturally. People are always waiting for me to do something.

I have never had problems with the fans. I felt that half were applauding and half were whistling. I always need to clear up what I do. With everyone else there is no problem, but with me all hell is raised up. My family were in the stadium — I am not going to make that gesture with them there.