Sergio Jauregui (Blooming) savagely attacks Leonardo Medina (Oriente Petrolero) in Bolivia

Forget Eric Cantona. Arguably the most despicable kung-fu kick ever seen in world football was captured on Sunday night in Bolivia as Blooming’s Sergio Jauregui savagely attacked Leonardo Medina to leave his victim needing hospital treatment.

The flare-up was sparked after Jauregui found himself lying in his own goal net after a coming together with Medina in the Blooming box in what appeared to be the result of a flailing elbow in the face.

After playing dead for a minute, and seeing that the referee was disinterested in pursuing Medina further, Jauregui unilaterally took matters into his own hands by charging over to his assailant and crashing his opponent to the floor.

But that was only the beginning.

As Medina tried to walk down the tunnel in the aftermath of the incident, Jauregui launched his most callous and heinous attack by letting fly with a kung-fu kick straight into the face of Medina. A mass brawl between the sides followed, and Jauregui was naturally shown the red card.

Reports in Bolivia also claim that criminal proceedings are now being prepared against Jauregui for his assault.

Footage of Jauregui’s disgraceful kung-fu kick can be seen here.


This is the second piece of bad press which Bolivian outfit Blooming have suffered in the past couple of weeks. Back on August 11th, Blooming’s Copa Sudamericana match with River Plate was called off after a fan attacked a player with a knife.

That incident can be recalled here.