Sensational Assistazo! Jairo Samperio (Sevilla) beats 3 Freiburg players, runs half the pitch, tees up Bacca for tap-in

Had Sevilla’s young Jairo been selfish enough to finish this off himself, he’d have sewn up the goal of the Europa League 2013/14; and he’d have been competing in the ‘Solo Golazao’ category across the board.

In the end, he took the rational and selfless decision to lay it off to teammate Bacca; the only shame is that technically that makes it an ‘Assistazo’ rather than a ‘Golazo’.

But easily the assist of the season so far!

Picking the ball up in the centre circle, Jairo went to go one way, and then pulled off a sensational drag-back to completely bamboozle the Freiburg player.

Then, seeing the space he had in front of him, he took on another and then found himself with half the pitch to run freely into.

Jairo turned on the afterburners and tore down on goal at frightening pace; then, just as he drew the keeper out, and proably exhausted, he laid it off for Bacca to do the necessary, as Sevilla ran out 2-0 winners.

Bacca did the right thing and threw all the credit Jairo’s way, though the asssiter himself didn’t seem to keen on milking it.


Watch the clip below, set to lilting Andalusian music.

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