Second Date: Spurs’ Jamie O’Hara treats WAG Danielle Lloyd to a meal at Hells Kitchen (video)

Please note that our continued persistence in reporting this story stems from our deep-seeded distaste for all things WAG, as Tottenham’s Jamie O’Hara continues to lamely flank his new Spurs-loving squeeze Danielle Lloyd in front of the rolling cameras.

Last week the pair made their second public outing in the space of just a couple of weeks, as the duo sat down to a romantic meal at Hells Kitchen.

We can only suspect though that the media-hunger Lloyd was less than best pleased by sitting on single table with her new man, as host Claudia Winkleman focused most of the camera’s attention on the main celebrity table including such Z-listers as Christopher Biggins and Chris de Burgh.

But that didn’t stop Lloyd making a beeline for as much TV face-time as possible, as (surely not by chance) the pair managed to continually have their heads stealthily popping up in the background while the camera focused on the main conversation between the low-grade celebs.

For what it’s worth, conversation between Lloyd and O’Hara seemed to be on the slow side, as the lads-mag favourite seemed to be more concern with making eye-contact with the lens as often as possible.

We look forward to the pair turning up in The Vic in Eastenders in the next few weeks.

The footage can be seen 4 minutes into this video.