Sebastian Medez shows himself to be a kung-fu master

We always love senseless violence from South America, and we are happy to bring you footage that Bruce Lee would have been proud of from last Sunday’s match in Argentina between River Plate and San Lorenzo.

With the game meandering towards a goalless stalemate, San Lorenzo decided to spice up the action by having two players sent off in the final minutes of the match. German Voboril was the first to head for an early bath after picking up two yellows. But his dismissal was eclipsed by a Cantona-inspired dirt foul committed by Sebastian Mendez.

With River looking for a late winner the ball was pumped up to Falcao, who went to control the ball on his chest. Mendez, the covering defender, was having none of it, and getting nowhere near the ball the centre-back delivered a flying kick straight out of a martial arts film into Falcao’s back, leaving the player prostrated on the floor, while the defender quickly scampered away from the scene as if to hide his violent behaviour. The ref, who was right on top of the incident, was quick to show Mendez the red card.

See Mendez’s nasty foul here.