Scuffle in Singapore: Super Reds vs Woodlands Wellington

Singapore’s S-League is hardly known for being a heartland of hate, but the red midst descended on the match between the Korean Super Reds and Woodlands Wellington in the semi-final of the League Cup.

After the match finished goalless after 120 minutes the tie was eventually sealed on penalties, Woodlands Wellington winning 4-3 in the shoot-out. However the main talking point at the full-time whistle were the ugly scenes witnessed towards the end of extra-time when the two sides came to blows.

The incident began when the Super Reds number 6, Choi Dong Soo, lost the ball in the middle of his half after being tackled by Woodlands’ Asraf Abdul Rashid. Despite Rashid appearing to put in a clean challenge, the Super Reds midfielder was found riding around on the turf with the referee forced to call for medical assistance for the player.

After several moments of faffing about the referee ordered Soo leave the pitch on a stretcher. Yet, according to reports, as soon as Soo reached the sidelines he jumped to his feet and kicked a ball at the Woodlands bench.

Cue the melee.

Immediately the Woodlands bench rose up in unison, with reserve keeper Jeon Bong Seong caught punching and kicking out at his opponents as the two teams came together in a brawl. After several minutes the tension eventually died down with Jeon shown a red card for his violent behaviour.

Highlights of the Singapore scuffle can be seen here.


One of the comedy moments to be caught on film during the fight came about when Woodlands’ Azlan Alipah was seen trying to get involved in the fracas by climbing on a bench, only for the structure to give way with Alipah seen crashing straight to the floor.

Azlan Alipah’s shameful fall can be seen here.