Save of the Week: Thomas Myhre (Kongsvinger) vs Magne Hoseth (Molde)

After playing football for almost 20 years and having been at 13 different clubs in his long, long career, 37-year-old goalie Thomas Myhre proved that he still has reflexes of a cat as he made a terrific penalty save for Kongsvinger against Molde on Monday night.

Playing in his native Norway, Myhre was forced into action when the visitors earned a debatable penalty after Henry Joseph Shindika was penalised for an apparently handball block in his own area. The call seemed particularly harsh as Shindika had his back turned to the play at the moment of impact as Molde captain Daniel Berg Hestad mistimed his shot into the ground.

Regardless, Molde’s main striker Magne Hoseth was given the responsibility of taking the spot-kick. But despite striking a quality shot towards the bottom right hand corner, amazingly keeper Myhre managed to produce a brilliant one-handed save before pouncing on the ball to deny Molde any chances from the rebound.

Thomas Myhre’s world class penalty save can be seen here.