Save of the Week: Kim Christensen (IFK Gothenburg) vs Malmo

Remember Kim Christensen? He is the IFK Gothenburg goalie who was famously caught having moved the position of his goalposts just a few weeks ago in order to slyly make the size of his goal smaller. (Read about that incident here.)

Happily the keeper can now be referenced for all the right reasons after the shotstopper produced one of the saves of the season against Malmo on Monday night.

The save came about as IFK were defending a free-kick. The hosts delivered a dangerous ball into the mixer which IFK failed to defend at the first instance with an IFK player actually heading the ball straight to Malmo’s Robert Ahman-Persson two yards from goal and in point-blank range to score.

Missing was impossible. Or so it seemed, until an incredible reflex save from Christensen saved IFK’s bacon.

Kim Christensen’s world-class stop against Malmo can be seen here.