Sao Paulo’s Alvaro Pereira knocked out by a flaceplant v Criciuma, but he crazily plays on

Uruguayan defender Alvaro Pereira never seems too far away from a horrible head injury.

One of the nastier injuries during the 2014 World Cup came in the match between England and Uruguay, as Alvaro Pereira was laid out cold after Raheem Sterling’s knee slammed into his temple.

Fast forward to this weekend, and Alvaro Pereira again had supporters fearing the worst when he was knocked out during Sao Paulo’s match with Criciuma.

On this occasion the defender’s problems developed after he fell flat on his face having wrestled possession off a Criciuma opponent.

Immediately after slamming his face on the turf, Pereira appeared to lose consciousness, and within seconds medical staff had rushed on the pitch to check out the player.

Eventually Pereira was carted off the surface by medics, but, in another move that leaves fans wondering when football will take concussion seriously, the player soon regain his composure as he came back on the pitch.

See the scary footage above.