Sao Paulo keeper Rogerio Ceni breaks down on the pitch after a fumble

This video starts with you shouting at Sao Paulo goalkeeper Rogerio Ceni, and ends with you just pitying the poor man.

On Thursday night Sao Paulo hosted Bragantino in the Paulista championship in Brazil, and it was the visitors who took a surprise lead in the contest.

With little options available to Bragantino’s Marcelo Godri tight on the right hand side, the midfielder launched an inswinging cross into the box in the hope of picking out a teammate. The cross however had too much bend on it, and everything looked set for keeper Ceni to simply pluck the ball out the sky and kill the attack.

Instead, the 36-year-old custodian had a nightmare in the David Seaman-Nayim realms, fumbling the cross in almost a slow-motion fashion, with the ball popping out of his gloves and into the net.

Now, in the usual course of events that would be the end, and while the keeper would be ridiculed, people would move on. Unfortunately for Ceni he simply could not let go.

With the ref looking to restart the play, the ball was still in Ceni’s arms as the keeper strolled around his area with an obvious state of depression written on his face. After a small tantrum, Ceni then motioned to his right thigh, as if to suggest that a muscle strain had contributed to his failure to catch the ball.

Sheepishly, Ceni then turned his back on the pitch and began removing his gloves. By this point medical staff had gathered around the goalie, and they escorted him off the pitch behind the goal. Once there Ceni appeared to have an emotional overload, slumped to the floor with his face in his hands, as he seemed to experience a break-down on the pitch.

In almost tragic circumstances, an inconsolable Ceni would not move despite the medical staff crowding around him.

Rogerio Ceni’s sad break-down can be seen here.