Santos’ Arouca speaks out against racism: ‘The limit has been passed, enough is enough’

Racism remains a bane of Brazilian football.

And with the World Cup around the corner, it’s a sad and sorry situation that black players are still being subjected to racist abuse while plying their trade in their home country, let alone what may occur abroad.

Santos midfielder Arouca has taken the brave and magnanimous move to speak out against it, having been victim of racist abuse in the Campeonato Paulista last week.

Visibly emotional and understandably slightly nervous, Arouca lamented that racism remains a cancer of Brazilian football in today’s day and age, arguing that it not only reflects poorly on Brazilian football, but on Brazilian society as a whole.

Arouca finishes by saying he himself is strong enough to deal with it, but that it’s not fair on his parents, who have to see this when watching their son, nor on his daughter, who he doesn’t want to have to experience this when she’s older.

”This has a limit, the limit has been passed, and enough is enough.’