Santiago Wanderers fans beat up riot police during the match with Universidad de Chile last weekend

The sight of rioting fans getting into clashes with armed police in South American football matches isn’t a new phenomenon by any means, however the scenes at the big match in Chile’s top flight last weekend were definitely out of the ordinary.

Round six of the season saw Santiago Wanderers claim a 2-1 win over local powerhouse Universidad de Chile, but a large section of the home fans missed the action on the field as they battled with riot police in the stands.

With the Wanderers fans causing trouble, a band of around 10 riot police, armed with shields and batons, were deployed to try and contain the crowd but their efforts failed badly.

Outnumbered by the massive crowd of home supporters, the Wanderers fans gained confidence through their numbers, and it wasn’t log before the gang of supporters began attacking retreating policemen in a chaotic incident.

Watch Santiago Wanderers fans beat up riot police last weekend in Chile below.