Santa Fe supporters threw coins which hit Ronaldinho on the leg as the Brazilian tried taking a corner [Video]

Last year Ronaldinho had rocks thrown at him be fans of Paraguayan side Olimpia in the Copa Libertadores, and now the buck-toothed wonder has again been the target of missiles in South America’s premier club competition.

Atletico Mineiro drew 1-1 at Colombian side Santa Fe on Thursday night in the Copa Libertadores and during the match Ronaldinho momentarily held up play after the Samba star was hit by a missile from the crowd.

According to reports Ronaldinho was hit by a coin as the Brazilian lined up to take a corner kick, and the incident was witnessed by the linesman.

One can now expect that Santa Fe will be punished for the unruly behaviour of a handful of stupid supporters.

See how Ronaldinho was hit by a coin below.