Santa Fe goalie Enrique Bologna FAILS twice from the spot vs Racing Club

When an almost identical situation occurred during Banfield-Lanus last season, Enrique Bologna got away with it. He wasn’t so lucky on Saturday.

Like many in South American history, Enrique Bologna is a goalie was doesn’t just stop goals going in. At the other end of the pitch the 30-year-old custodian is a penalty taker, having netted seven spot-kicks to-date in his career.

Back in March 2011, while the number one for Banfield, Enrique Bologna got away with a spot-kick FAIL against Lanus. Having seen his initial attempt saved by his opposite number keeper Bologna was handed a reprieve for encroachment against Lanus, and on his second attempt the goalie Bologna resorted to power over precision and was rewarded.

On Saturday an almost carbon copy event occurred during Racing Club and Union Santa Fe.

Racing were 2-up five minutes before the break when the visitors won a penalty. Enrique Bologna evacuated his own box to try and score at the other end, but his low effort was stopped by Racing’s Sebastien Saja.

Then came the twist, as the spot-kick was recalled after multiple Racing had been spotted in the area.

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So Enrique Bologna got a second chance and, just like in the Lanus game, the keeper went for power in next attempt. Only this time he FAILED badly with a Chris Waddle-esque effort that flew high, wide and handsome past the Racing net.

Watch Santa Fe goalie Enrique Bologna twice FAIL from the spot here.


There was small consolation for Enrique Bologna, he wasn’t the only player on the pitch to miss two penalties with Teofilo Gutierrez missing a further two in the second half, with the second retaken.

All 4 penalties missed in the match between Racing Club and Union Santa Fe are on this video.

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