San Diego Chargers play ‘tiki-taka football’ with 15 seconds left in an NFL match, ends with a hilarious QB kick FAIL

For the second time in just a few days we have a brilliant clip of of American footballers adopting soccer skills into their playbook arsenal.

Having brought you the awesome footage of the American football kicker pulling off a brilliant rabona in a college match, on Sunday night another moment of footy wormed its way into the San Diego Chargers’ playbook in the defeat to Tennessee.

With 15 seconds left in the game, and with Chargers needing to score off the final play to win the match, San Diego tried to pull off a remarkable tiki-taka style attack to score a late touchdown.

Unfortunately for the Chargers their pass-pass-pass move failed to breakdown the Tennessee defence, and with the move failing to achieve it’s goals San Diego’s quarterback Philip Rivers courted ridicule for trying to kick the ball to a teammate when the ball ran free.

Kicking the ball is an automatic penalty in the NFL.

Watch the San Diego Chargers unsuccessfully playing tiki-take football below.