Samuel Eto’o nicked the ball off Marshall’s bounce to allow Hazard to score v Cardiff; But should it have been allowed?

Samuel Eto’o may not have scored yet for Chelsea, but he can probably claim an assist for the Blues’ equaliser today.

Lurking with intent next to Cardiff keeper Marshall, he waited for him to bounce the ball, then pounced like a rabid pickpocket.

Eto’o then passed to Hazard, who played Eto’o back in, who then messed up his chance, but Hazard made amends and scored.

The question is though, should Eto’o pickpocketing have been allowed?

Such trickery has regularly been disallowed in the past, with both Thierry Henry and Robin van Persie pulling it off while at Arsenal, only to see it ruled out, deemed to be infringing with the keeper’s possession.

The question is: Is the keeper’s bounce an integral part of his possession? Or is it a free moving ball?

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