RTE’s Kenny Cunningham criticised Tahiti for smiling after Spain defeat, gets Twitter backlash

Kenny Cunningham is a tough critic.

Following Spain’s double-figure victory of Tahiti, the Irish talking-head laid into the French Polynesian minnows for their attitude at the end of the match.

Cunningham was particularly irked by the fact that the Tahitians were smiling at the full-time whistle.

Nobody wants to be embarrassed and taken apart like the Tahitians were tonight, whether you’re playing at an amateur or professional level. So, I’m a little surprised to see all those smiling faces from those Tahitian players at the end of the game cos that’s a 10-0 rout.

Cunningham’s tough comments were not only challenged by fellow pundit Richie Sadlier on the Irish broadcast, but plenty of people on Twitter waded into the debate to stick up for the Tahitians on Twitter.

Watch Kenny Cunningham’s harsh critique below, followed by a series of Tweets taking the pundit to task.