RTE panel provide typically epic coverage and analysis of Sweden 0 – Ireland 0

Time and again, Irish TV’s RTE panel show up English panel coverage as powder puff and insipid.

Ireland’s three grumpy old men – Eamon Dunphy, Liam Brady and John Giles – were at their irascible best both before and after Ireland’s 0-0 draw in Stockholm on Friday night.

Brady, whose position on the panel has been conflicted during Trap’s reign due to their close personal and professional, has oft been accused by Dunphy of being too biased towards the Ireland manager, and on Friday he pulled no punches in this regard.

Brady first took umbrage with Dunphy’s barbed criticism, and told Dunphy to ease off; to which Dunphy replied, ‘I’m analysing the match, that’s what I’m paid to do! And that’s what you’re paid to do, not to be Trapattoni’s PR man!’

RTE’s post-match analysis was equally entertaining, with Dunphy again challenging Brady on his skewed loyalty to the Trap regime.

The highlight came with Dunphy jibing that ‘Trapattoni ‘has got more form than the train robbers for mistreating players.’ (!)

Watch RTE’s typically epic analysis of Sweden 0 – Ireland 0 on the two clips below, (before and after).

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