RTE laugh at “Sellotanta Sports”

Setanta Sports find themselves as public enemy number one in England this morning after many blame the cable channel for preventing them from seeing the Croatia-England match last night as they were the only outlet on UK television to show the game live.

The Telegraph’s Jasper Gerard ripped into the TV broadcaster this morning, delivering the lowest of low blows by saying their show makes the BBC’s efforts look creditable. “Chris Waddle makes Alan Shearer appear insightful, Ian Wright, intelligent, Lee Dixon, critical. Setanta hire the ex-pros who, presumably, can’t get on Sky (yes, there really are one or two). Waddle wittered: ‘Great start by England.’ It wasn’t. They only turned it on later. ‘That’s what Theo Walcott gives,’ as our new star muffed a pull-back. ‘Chris Waddle,’ said his co-commentator. ‘Your final thought?’ A first might have been nice.”

Following in suit are the Apres Match guys from Ireland’s RTE network, who returned last night to almost jump on the Setanta bashing bandwagon. Calling the network “Sellotanta Sports”, the comics mocked the nonsensical rubbish that is spewed on the public in this humourous skit.

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