RTE forced to apologise for Graeme Souness “rape” comment (video)

For a long time now it has been an open secret in the British Isles that the most controversial and often honest football commentary on television has been served up, not by the BBC, ITV or Sky, but rather Ireland’s RTE network.

RTE’s World Cup coverage on Sunday stepped over the line of political correctness however, when pundit Graeme Souness commented in his pre-match analysis of Serbia’s 1-nil defeat to Ghana that Manchester United centre-half Nemanja Vidic had once been “raped” by Fernando Torres.

In an incident that brought back memories of Alan Pardew’s famous faux pas on Match of the Day back in 2009 (see here), RTE quickly moved to paper over the poor choice of wording by issuing an immediate public apology on air for Souness’s comment.

Footage of Souness’s “rape” remark, and the ensuing apology by host Daragh Moloney, can be seen here.


In other pieces of footage from RTE, host Bill O’Herlihy lightened the mood during the Germany-Australia match by announcing that he loves to say the name “Loew,” while the panel entertained an interesting discussion about the negative effects which the altitude is having on the World Cup (see here).

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