Roy Keane calls Poland-England ref a “clown” & shows his disdain to Adrian Chiles’ meteorology discussion

For those who were condemned to waiting for the Polish FA to call off the Poland-England match on ITV, there was at least the opportunity to watch a raging Roy Keane attempt to keep his emotions in check.

The former Manchester United captain doesn’t suffer fools gladly so you can only imagine what was going inside Keane’s head during the Warsaw washout.

First off, Keane vented some of his ire on Italian referee Gianluca Rocchi who  was involved in the farcical situation of coming on to the pitch to test whether the ball could run on the surface over an hour after the game was due to have kicked off.

Keane duly described the referee as a clown much to the guffaws of Lee Dixon and Gareth Southgate in the ITV studio.

In truth though, you can imagine Keane has a lot of hate stored up for Adrian Chiles and his “witty banter” which seems to annoy almost the whole male population of England.

Keane had a particularly awesome reaction to Chiles suggestion they indulge in a a discussion on meteorology on the second video below.

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