Rose-Tinted: Paul Parker has a selective memory of Eric Cantona

Cristiano Ronaldo has received a fair amount of flack in the past few days for his babyish tantrum seen after Sir Alex subbed CR7 on Sunday in the Manchester derby.

Never afraid to speak his mind, Paul Parker got stuck into the greased-up Portugeezer in today’s Telegraph, criticising the forward for not being more like Manchester United legend Eric Cantona.

Parker: “Ronaldo’s reaction to being substituted was disrespectful first and foremost to the person who handed him the tracksuit top, but it was also disrespectful to the manager and the guys he plays with. For all his personal ambition and desire to win Golden Boots and other awards, Ronaldo cannot achieve anything without the 10 guys who play alongside him on the pitch. Eric didn’t play to the cameras, though, and he would never have reacted like Ronaldo did on Sunday. He had too much respect for the manager and his team-mates.”

Erm. Care to think that one again?

(Note, the above incident took place at a charity match back in 1989 for Marseille, which earned King Eric a club-induced suspension from the team.)

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