‘Rondonaldo’: Rubin striker scores sick goal with Fenomeno’s signature feint v Molde

José Salomón Rondón is a bit of an enigma.

Blessed with awesome skill and scoring instinct, he’s not quite delivered on his full potential, scoring in fits and starts without ever really htting the stats that he’s capable of, which would take him to the Falcao/Cavani level he can genuinely aspire to.

He exemplified the raw natural skill he has at his disposal against Molde tonight in Rubin’s Europa League qualifier, almost indulging himself when put through on goal with a double feint, to the right and then dropping the shoulder back to the left to completely bamboozle the keeper, and then stroke into the empty net.

Indeed, it only took one look to realise that the move he pulled off was the exact one exploited by ‘The Real Ronaldo’ in his pomp at Barcelona at Inter.

Watch ‘Rondonaldo’s awesome double feint and bamboozling of the Molde keeper and recall the spirit of Ronaldo on the clip below.

[gthumb id=”346761″ size=”large” autoplay=”1″]

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