Ronaldo’s agent Jorge Mendes: If Cristiano played for Barcelona he would score 120 goals a year [A Bola]

Super agent Jorge Mendes knows how to make a glorious living from football and has also master minded the excellent career of Cristiano Ronaldo off the pitch.

In an interview with Portuguese newspaper A Bola, Mendes has stoked up the El Clasico rivalry with an intriguing comment about Ronaldo.

Mendes says: “I know that what I say may generate some controversy but I’m not worried: if he [Ronaldo] played for Barcelona he would score 120 goals every year. The world’s best player playing for the best team in the world … would score 120 goals per year. If Ronaldo played for a team with 75 percent possession every game it would be like three games in one.”

This was far from the only outlandish statement in the Jorge Mendes interview with A Bola but is likely to be picked up by the international press, if it hasn’t been already.

Mendes also came out with the following opinion on Cristiano Ronaldo: “It will be impossible to find another Cristiano Ronaldo in the next 500 years.”

His thoughts on who should win the Ballon d’Or also came down on the side of Ronaldo.

Mendes: “Throughout these years he has been systematically wronged. We just do not know if Cristiano will win the Ballon d’Or. We also thought he had chances in other years and didn’t win. But it’s better this year than previously. He is the most complete player: he plays well with his left foot, right foot, head, sacrifices himself for the team.”

The super agent, who wields perhaps more influence on planet football than any other in the game, added: “Even if he isn’t considered the best in the world, Cristiano is still two levels above anyone one else and it will be impossible for anyone to get there.”