Ronaldo is unveiled by Corinthians

Ronaldo, once the most prized-striker on the planet, has squeezed into his new Corinthians short in front of thousands of adoring fans as the Brazilian moves another step closer to making his long-awaited comeback to the football pitch.

The 32-year-old has been sidelined for the best part of a year after suffering career-threatening left knee injury on which he was operated in February. Having piled on the pounds during his drawn-out rehabilitation, Ronaldo resumed training with Flamengo before turning his back on the club who had helped him regain his fitness by controversially joining newly-promoted Corinthians this week.

Ronaldo tried to calm down the hype whipped up by his move to Corinthians at his press conference yesterday, making some level-headed remarks about how he sees his future at the Coringão.

Ronaldo: “I have a major challenge in front of me and I’ll do everything I can to meet it head on. I’m just a player like all the rest here and I have the same rights, and the same obligations, as everyone else. I won’t have any privileges… Clearly, I did not die within the soccer world. I will prove this on the field. However, I am only going to return to play when I am ready. I hope that my return will be as soon as possible so I can prove myself on the field.”

Reports on the details of Ronaldo’s new contract however, suggest that special treatment is exactly what the chunky Brazilian will get. He is reportedly set to receive a 127,000 euros a month during his one-year deal, not including bonuses from the sale of his image rights. The deal also included a clause allowing him to cancel it any time.

Ronaldo’s debut press conference at Corinthians, along with his reception from his newly-acquired adoring fans fans, can be seen here.