Ronaldinho’s brother Assis defends the Brazilian star over his lewd picture with bikini babes in a swimming pool

The fallout from Ronaldinho’s picture with five bikini-clad women in a swimming pool has continued overnight, as Brazilian portal UOL Esporte caught with with the player’s brother and agent Assis to quiz him about the leaked photo.

To recap, a picture of Ronaldinho standing over five women lying at his feet in a swimming pool went viral this week after it somehow got out onto social media sites.

In the face of some criticism labelling Ronaldinho distasteful and disrespectful to women, his brother Assis has now hit back:

The photo’s of himself. What’s the problem?

Do I approve? I approve. What’s is the problem? He was on vacation, he is single, he is happy, he is at peace with life.

He was basking in the pool with women. Would it be any different is they were gay or transvestites?

You have politicians [in Brazil] who are stealing [from the public], but you are concerned with a photo of Ronaldinho?! It’s ridiculous. Brazil is full of problems and we are concerned about Ronaldinho’s holiday.