Roma’s Seydou Keita refused to shake Pepe’s hand, threw water bottle at Real Madrid man [Video]

Tensions were high before kick off between Roma and Real Madrid on Tuesday night in Texas, as an old feud between Seydou Keita and Pepe revealed itself in front of  a worldwide audience.

Back in 2011, when Keita was a Barcelona player, the midfielder accused Pepe of calling him a monkey in an El Clasico match.

Still holding a grudge against Pepe for that alleged racist slur, Seydou Keita, now at Roma, refused to shake Pepe’s hand in the pre-match pomp, before the Malian international lost control of his anger as he threw an open water bottle straight at the Portuguese defender before the game got underway.

Pepe, for his part, reacted by smiling back at Keita, while it was left for the other players to keep the order in a tense situation.

Moreover, according to the Fox broadcast of the match, the fourth official said that Pepe spat at Keita at some point during the handshake/water bottle incident, as well.

Watch the footage above.


Seydou Keita